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Cabinotch Design Library + KCD Software

Icon The One-Click Quoting Tool

We have simplified the process of quoting your KCD drawn Cabinotch designs. Getting an accurate quote for your Cabinotch boxes is now faster and easier.

Icon Using the Cabinotch Library

This document describes using the Cabinotch Design Library in KCD Software; including features, steps for ordering units, and rules for construction.

Icon Cabinotch Unit Summary Report

Instructions on generating and reviewing the details of an order. It is critical upon finishing or modifying a design to check this report and verify that it is in fact what you want quoted and/or ordered.

Icon Setting up Drawer Box Sizes

This quick reference describes setting up drawer box sizes for your KCD designs; by copying a template it allows customization of drawer box standards to suit your needs.

Icon Running Door, Drawer Size, and Drawer Box reports

A short demonstration of how to generate a list of the door and drawer fronts in your job.

Icon Exporting Files for Quoting

How to export the job file of a design drawn in KCD Software to the Cabinotch website for automatic quoting.

Using the Cabinotch Site

Icon Merging Carts

A detailed description of merging carts, which is the process of combining two previously saved carts into a brand new saved cart. Users can then load the new combined saved cart and check out, or add other items to it.

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