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Your customers hire you to produce beautiful, hand-crafted cabinetry, not boxes. So why should you spend so much time, effort and money "behind the face frame?"

With the Cabinotch® cabinet box system, you're free to devote your talents where you'll get paid for them - "outside" the box! Your parts will arrive within days, and you can be assembling boxes within minutes.

With Cabinotch, you'll save hours of panel purchasing, configuring, and processing time. That's time you can spend selling, detailing, finishing, and all those other things that make you money.

What Makes the Cabinotch Cabinet Box System Better?

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  • Pre-made, ready to assemble, cabinet boxes made with American-made, formaldehyde-free PureBond® hardwood plywood.
  • Unfinished cabinet box specifications include (standard offering):
    • 1/2" sides, backs, bottoms and tops
    • 3/4" shelves
  • Stock Customizations include:
    • 3/4" cabinet sides with a 1/4" scribe
    • 3/4" flush ends
    • Choice of stile and rail, 1.5" 2.25", 3.0", 5.5"
    • Center stiles and partitions
  • Durable, easy-care, UV-finished interiors
  • 3/4" thick North American hardwood face frames
  • Ships flat, assembles in minutes

Before and After

Ready-to-Assemble and Engineered for Speed, Style and Performance!

  • Glue & staple, Ready-to-Assemble (RTA)
    • No clamping required
  • RTA directly from work table to wall
    • No waiting for glue to dry
  • Customizable face frames and interiors with 9 American hardwood species:
    • Cherry
    • Hard Maple
    • Hickory
    • Red Alder
    • Red Oak
    • Silver Maple (Soft)
    • Walnut
    • White Oak
  • Meets or exceeds all ordinary standards for cabinetry strength